Voices of Mexico no. 110

Our Voice

In August 2019, we began a series of activities to make the importance of the cisan’s production of knowledge in North American studies even more visible than it already was.

Originally created as the Center for Research on the United States of America in the year the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended, it was an innovative step in the university. It recognized the fundamental importance for Mexico of having a deep understanding of U.S. society, economy, and ways of doing politics domestically and abroad. This was clearly even more important in the context of the signing of nafta, when the center established our country’s first Canadian studies area.

This special issue of Voices of Mexico is one of those commemorative activities. Since the magazine was created in the cisan to disseminate our country’s thinking and culture through —as its name implies— our voices, in many cases university voices, in order to eradicate simplistic stereotypes, we thought that it was vital that our voices from the cisan express our opinions about the development of the region over the last three decades.




Our Voice
Thirty Years

Graciela Martínez-Zalce

Our Beginnings

Remembering the Creation of

Mónica Verea

Political Institutions and Ideas

Topics and Challenges in 30 Years
Of North American Studies
A Three-way Conversation

Juan Carlos Barrón Pastor
Oliver Santín Peña
Roberto Zepeda Martínez

Thirty Years at the CISAN:
An Academic and Personal Journey

Paz Consuelo Márquez-Padilla

My Research at CISAN-UNAM
José Luis Valdés-Ugalde

Chronicles of a Universe with Multiple
Rules and Moving Pieces
U.S. Domestic Politics

Estefanía Cruz Lera

Actors, Structures, and Social Processes

Discovering the Wealth of U.S. Society
Silvia Núñez García

Young cisan Researchers,
Cyberculture, and Digital Education

Paola Virginia Suárez Ávila

Identities and Cultural Processes

Research about Two Moments in U.S. History
Ignacio Díaz de la Serna
Nattie Golubov

CISAN Research on North American
Cultural and Creative Industries

Alejandro Mercado Celis

The CISAN, a Ray of Hope in Today’s World
Aaraón Díaz Mendiburo

Opening Doors to Knowledge

Disseminating Knowledge
About North America
From Flyers to Instagram

Brenda Lameda-Díaz Osnaya

Publishing about Our Region
Is Understanding Who We Are

Astrid Velasco Montante

On Memory, Visibility, Impact,
And Preservation

Norma Aída Manzanera Silva

Thirty Years’ Worth of Knowledge
Socorro García González

The Library, a Place of Ghosts
Joel Estudillo García
Francisco M. Ureña

Digital Tools for Sharing Knowledge

Migrants of Clay
Eduardo Vázquez Martín
Gretta Penélope Hernández

“Terra Incognita-Migrants’ Shoes”
The Path of a Dream

Teresa Jiménez
Lourdes Almeida

Digital Publishing