Voices of Mexico no. 112

Our Voice

David Bowie sings, “Turn and face the strange/changes,” and I think of how shortsighted, naïve, and optimistic I was eight months ago —which feel like eight lifetimes ago— when I heard the Coordinator of Humanities, a contributor to this issue, say we were on the brink of an epochal change.

Facing the unfamiliar. Experiencing how the unknown takes control of our bodies, dilutes the borders of our spaces, transforms our perception of time, expels us from ourselves as, paradoxically, we are forced to isolate, to learn new ways of socializing, teaching, and learning.

Change is the thread running through this issue of Voices of Mexico, which seeks to advance our understanding of this period that, like a painful parody of Luis Buñuel’s film The Exterminating Angel, keeps us locked down, incapable of fully deciphering the reasons for our confinement and uncertainty.



After the Storm Comes the Music
Ernesto Flores

The Performative
Body’s Representation
In Dance and the Pandemic

María Antonieta Mendívil

Gretta Penélope Hernández

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