Voices of Mexico no. 26

Our Voice

The Franz Mayer Museum is one of Mexico City's most important, housing of our conuntry´s richest collections of art. Mayer was financially succesful in Mexico an used his wealth to acquire works he collected in his house in Mexico City's Las Lomas distrinct.
His collections of Colonial screens, ceramics from variaus parts of the country, silver extracted from our mines and transformed into works of art, and the religious sculptures known as estofados are among the most important to have been gathered by private collectors. Rare books made up part of his splendid library. All this he left to the people of Mexico.




Our Voice
Hugo B. Margáin


The Franz Mayer Museum
Héctor Rivero Borrel

Economic Issues

The uncertain course of finance
Abelardo Arroyo

In Memoriam

Elías Nandino, a poet of vitality and talent
Elsie L. Montiel


How presidential succession works in Mexico
Graciela Cárdenas and Elsie L. Montiel


Two languages, one world
Andrés Henestrosa

Contemporary Chicano literature
Elsie L. Montiel

For a linguistic policy without borders
Marybel Toro Gayol

Current Writing

The birthday party
L. F. Valero


The Mexicans
Susannah Glusker

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