Voices of Mexico no. 28

Our Voice

One of the world's most widespread problems today concerns the economy. In Mexico, the Gross Domestic Product for last year was low, while the GDP for this year will be lower than expected and less than the rate of population growth.
In addition, wealth has been concentrated in the hands of a few, while the majority of the poor have experienced a considerable drop in living standards. Forty per cent of the population lives in poverty, of whom 14 million live in extreme poverty. This poses an enormous challenge to the government and Mexican society as a whole.
The Banco de México, a highly prestigious institution, publishes an annual report on the Mexican economy. In this issue we present a summary of the 1993 report, including the government's main achievements as well as negative aspects still to be solved.




Our Voice
Hugo B. Margáin

Economic Issues

The Mexican economy in 1993
Marybel Toro Gayol

Comments on the Banco de
México's Annual Report (1993)

Miguel A. Ortega


Remedios Varo, a magical journey
Dinorah Isaak

Feliciano Béjar, the poetry of all things
Gabriela Rábago Palafox


The San Carlos Museum
Elisa García Barragán

Mexican-Canadian Relations

From Mulroney to Chrétien: more of the same?
Thomas Legler

Canada's view of Mexico
Linda Hossie


The "madness" of Marcos
Fernando Chamizo Guerrero

Beyond the truce
Elsie L. Montiel

The Maya world in movement
Fulvio Eccardi and César Carrillo T.

The rainforest farmers
James D. Nations

From Latin America

The U.S. and Cuba: changes ahead?
Santiago Pérez Benítez


Historic debate in Mexico
Marybel Toro Gayol

The central Post Office
Maricarmen Velasco

Intelligent buildings in México
Fernando Del Rivero

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