Voices of Mexico no. 80

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George W. Bush is getting increasingly weaker and has been progressively losing credibility. Even his most loyal allies at home and abroad view him with suspicion. His political position has weakened and his initiatives have been systematically rejected by broad layers of society and the national and international political classes, who have been increasingly wounded by his government's clumsy arrogance and offensiveness. He bet on policies so extreme that he got burned and burned his possibilities of governing effectively and with dignity. His skirmishes with Congress are indicative of the fix he is in. Trailing behind him is a veritable political shipwreck that not even Truman or Nixon endured at their worst moments

This is the head of the most powerful nation in the history of the global village, who opted to exercise hard power —and now he is paying for it— and, as a result, his foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East and Iraq, have stopped being rational. Its rational center, which guaranteed U.S. leaders certain equilibrium in local and interna- tional decision-making, has been lost. Inside the United States, the facts testify eloquently to this crisis.




Death in Mexico's
Pre-Hispanic Poetry
Arturo Cosme Valadez
Rosa María Jasso


Education in Mexico
Eduardo Andere M.

Who's at Fault? Drug-trafficking Violence in Mexico
J. Jesús Esquivel

A Panorama of Science In Mexico Today
Mario Guillermo González Rubi

Authentic Refined Cuisine
Jorge Javier Romero

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