Voices of Mexico no. 92

Our Voice

The word "cyclical" seems to describe and at the same time contain what is repeated in the trajectory of human beings, their individual or collective actions, and also the tangible phenomena that their different civilizations have attempted to explain in order to understand the universe. From time immemorial, then, our rituals for closing out one year and beginning another continue to be essentially the same, since, regardless of their form, in essence, we use them to look over our achievements and failures, wish each other good fortune, and, above all, utilize them as an act of aspiring to recover a sense of order amidst the chaos surrounding us.

Thus we begin the first Voices of Mexico of 2012, the first months of which will see increased importance of federal electoral campaigns in both Mexico and the United States, since every 12 years, the two processes coincide. In this context, our being neighbors takes on particular significance given the interdependence of our relationship, asymmetrical as it is in favor of the strongest actor.





Tequila, Endangered Cultural Heritage
Bernardo Olmedo Carranza

North American Issues

The Effects of Large-Scale Emigration on Mexico
Elaine Levine

Mexican Brain Drain to The U.S. and Canada
Camelia Tigau

Entrapment and (Im)Mobility On the U.S.-Mexico Border
Guillermina Gina Núñez
Josiah McC. Heyman

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