Voices of Mexico Special Number

Our Voice

In the lives of nations, borders define territories and divide them. In the lives of their inhabitants, regions are defined, by contrast, through day-to-day trade and economic, political, social, cultural, and educational interaction. People living in border regions interact and enrich the processes that constitute the binational space from a constructivist perspective.

Universities’ role can be situated in this constructivist vision, where two institutions, like those collaborating in this issue —the ut and the unam, and specifically the cisan— participate not only by producing knowledge, but also by disseminating it. Their aim is that those who approach their products understand better, firstly, what the border relationship means, and, in a broader sense, what the relationship between Mexico and the United States signifies. This involves a very interesting play of visions from north to south and then from south to north, creating a complementary perspective.



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