Voices of Mexico no. 29

Our Voice

Mexico's electoral process ended on August 21, with positive results in tercos of the number of voters. The majority of people registered to vote went to the polis in unprecedented numbers. The elections were carried out in complete peace throughout the country. Now there will be a period of waiting for the fulfillment of what has been promised: the separation of the PRI and the government, separation of powers within the republic, respect for federalism and municipal autonomy. All of the parties proclaimed, or included in their programs, the importance of education and a redistribution of wealth. The future must put an end to illiteracy and the poverty in which the majority of Mexicans live.
We celebrate the National University of Mexico's first fifty years in San Antonio, Texas. Intellectual exchange between neighboring countries is more important than ever before. UNAM 's campus in the U.S. has carried out praiseworthy work: thousands of bilingual students got a head start on the movement of globalization that is currently in fashion worldwide. Getting to know each other better makes it easier to resolve problems between countries in the framework of mutual respect. The magnificent example of what has been accomplished in Texas has encouraged the rector to extend this effort to Canada.




Our Voice
Hugo B. Margáin

Mexican-American Relations

Fifty years of UNAM in the U.S.
Shahrzad Dowlatshahi


Papalote, the Children's Museum
Miguel Angel Pichardo

World Affairs

The UN and the world order (1945-1992)
Jorge Montaño

The OAS in the 1990s
Santiago Pérez Benítez

Towards a new spiritual globalization
Javier Esteinou Madrid

Philanthropy in Mexico
Angeles Espinosa Yglesias

Economic Issues

Ernesto Zedillo's economic proposals
Marybel Toro Gayol


Candidates shatter myths at UNAM
Elsie L. Montiel

Surprising elections
Marybel Toro Gayol

Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces

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