Voices of Mexico no. 35

Our Voice

We are on the verge of the twenty-first century and the bipolar world has disappeared. The United States has assumed a leading role in structuring a new world order. Yet it seems it needs its own restructuring first. They can still change the agenda, but unfortunately in their 1996 election, they seem to be guided more by petty interests and nationalist excesses than by the longterm goal of a better world orden.
Economic globalization and the resulting restructuring has brought uncertainty This is fertile soil for distrust and resentment. It is not just a master of unemployment but of constantly changing jobs and lower wages. Two types of discourse can emerge from it: one of hate, closed markets and absurd nostalgia for something that perhaps never existed or a discourse of hope, open markets and a sense of positive transition that challenges all previous understanding.




Our Voice
Paz Consuelo Márquez Padilla


Democratizing Mexico.
Public Opinion and Electoral Choices

Jorge I. Domínguez
James A. McCann

Mexico's New Revolution
Luis Rubio

Identity and Mobility.
Toward a Definition
Of Remigration

Axel Ramírez

Seven Reasons for Mexican
Economic Recovery

Speech by President Zedillo at the World
Economic Forum, Davos, Switze


Up with God! Down with the Devil!
Laura Esquivel


A Conflictive Relationship
Diego I. Bugeda Bernal

In the Light of Memory
María Luisa Puga

Bicultural Literature
Barbara Driscoll

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