Voices of Mexico no. 46

Our Voice

Democracy is undoubtedly the best of all known political systems. Throughout its hisrory, however, it has been multi-faceted. Opposing causes have been defended in its name and the struggles of interest groups have determined the different concepts of democracy.

The classic paradigms of democracy seem to be insufficient to explain the current political situation in the United States. Before last November's elections two stances could be clearly distinguished in the political arena. The conservative Republicans headed by Newt Gingrich, were pushing for the impeachment of President William Clinton. The Democrats, on the other hand, were in an uncomfortable position because they disapproved of Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinski but could do nothing but support their party leader.




Our Voice
Paz Consuelo Márquez Padilla


Parable of the Exchange
Juan José Arreola

Juan José Arreola

Juan José Arreola
Brief Biografy

In Memoriam

Germán List Arzubide (1898-1998)
A Time-naut

María Cristina Hernández Escobar

The Liquid Heart of Mexico

Arturo Cosme Valadez

A Porcrait of Zapopan
Ana María de la O Castellanos

Ceramics in Jalisco
Silvia González Anguiano

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