Voices of Mexico no. 82

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Interesting times are coming to U.S. politics. Two candidates, two choices and countless questions in between, all of which should eventually and loudly collide to produce the forty-fourth president of the United States. At this stage of the presidential race, the electoral scenario is particularly different from the primary campaigns that amazed U.S. society last year.

The most striking element being that the once- Democratic-front-runner, Senator Hillary Clinton, is officially out of the running for the Democratic nomination. In addition, a distinctive feature of this competition is the ideological definition of the can- didates' platforms that from time to time tend to move away from their supporters' ideology. In any case, the dispute is raising interesting queries on what the right track for the direction of the country should be, what interests must be defended and whose character would allow the U.S. to recover from the last two periods of political obscurantism and, in line with both candidates, embrace its future and reposition itself in the international arena. The latter is of utmost importance if Washington wants to recover its lost legitimacy worldwide.




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Alfonso Arellano

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Elsie Montiel

The Last Lens
Eugenio Martín Torres


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