Voices of Mexico no. 96

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Mexico’s current foreign policy vision attempts to focus on promoting the country’s development, recognizing that, in the world context, all government institutions in charge of administering and executing the diversity of actions aimed at that end must directly or indirectly benefit from the diplomatic efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Relations itself.

While this orientation is praiseworthy, the country’s economic reality makes it impossible to be optimistic. By last August, gdp growth had fallen to 0.74 percent, while, in May, the figures were only at 0.4 percent, according to National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI) data.

The predictions are negative. So, the analysts underline that our economy’s mediocre performance is due to its heavy dependence on the United States. This means that redesigning strategies to balance this model by diversifying Mexico’s trade is urgent, in addition to taking different unavoidable actions like fiscal reform.



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