Voices of Mexico no. 100

Our Voice

I'm very excited to introduce this one hundredth issue of Voices of Mexico, after almost 30 practically uninterrupted years of publishing the magazine, which first came out in 1986. Its mission demonstrates the vision and commitment of the National Autonomous University of Mexico: offering our readers articles of the highest quality, crossing our linguistic border, with reflections on Mexico’s past and present, our links with our international surroundings, and other issues of general interest that impact the complex reality of an increasingly interdependent world.
Our magazine began circulating before English was recognized as the language of knowledge, building a strategic bridge with the United States and Canada, our neighbors and partners. It has gradually gathered the contributions of colleagues, specialists, public officials, artists, writers, analysts, and other distinguished celebrities of Mexico and our sister nations.




Our Voice
Silvia Núñez García

Mexico-U.S. Relations

Resignifying the Northern Border
Sabine Pfleger
Joselin Barja

Transnational Students And Public Schools in Mexico
Celina Bárcenas

The Splendor of Mexico

Baskets of The Comcaac
Weaving Memory and the Future

Isabel Martínez
Carolyn O’Meara

100 Issues of Voices of Mexico

A Wonderful Journey
Diego Bugeda Bernal

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