Voices of Mexico no. 113

Our Voice

Everything around us is connected: societies involve links, junctions; life is a latticework of elements, situations, and affections. Social groups replicate themselves in small social, academic, family units, in groups united by similar interests and congeniality that also relate to each other and with their surroundings.

During this pandemic, digital networks and emotional links have kept us united; we’ve been able to get news, know what’s going on with the virus, and how to protect ourselves or even how to grieve. We’ve established communication with others; we’ve worked in academic groups or on common causes, and, parallel to that, we’ve related to each other thanks to affection and empathy.

In a poem where he talks about war, Jorge Luis Borges writes of “the weave of man.” But precisely the cohesion that for a very long time made it possible to win battles, becomes essential for life, for creating and ensuring the permanence of everything alive. All life, including even the very basic, implies connection: the universe, our cells —our neurons that communicate inside our body—, our bodies for pleasure and procreation; for every element and day-to-day process —no less complex for being day-to-day— of what it implies to be alive.



Our Voice

Astrid Velasco Montante