Voices of Mexico no. 121

Our Voice

Numbed by the avalanche of images and words we re engulfed in, we don´t stop to ask ourselves if violence inhabits our territory or if we involuntarily inhabit the territories of violence. Bombarded permit me the use of the metaphor by statistics about attacks, disappearances, deaths, feminicides, do we lose track of the fact that behind each figure, there´s a name, a history, a human being lost, attacked, murdered? Our country´s daily newscasts come closer and closer to a police report; digital media also disseminates these situations as they happen. How, then, can we have a proper perspective?.

Graciela Martínez-Zalce Director of the Center for Research on North America



Our Voice
Graciela Martínez-Zalce


Illustrations by Samara Sánchez and Esaú Callejas

Research and content by Alejandra de la Vega


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