Voices of Mexico no. 32

Our Voice

In this issue, we discuss some interesting repercussions of the Mexican economic crisis. Víctor Rodríguez-Padilla and Rosío Vargas analyze Pemex's perspectives for transformation, highlighting the issues of Mexico's petroleum sovereignty and U.S. enérgy policy toward Mexico. Emilio Zebadúa examines the politization of Mexico's economic policy which was prompted by the recent change in government, the devaluation of the peso and the economic crisis. Finally, Mary Schneider Enriquez describes the efforts of Mexican society to maintain the vitality and persistence of its art given the scarcity of resources caused by the country 's economic crisis.
We also present topics related to bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States. Mónica Verea analyzes the renewed activism of the Mexican government 's foreign policy through the strengthening of links with Mexican communities abroad, which has permitted new forms of lobbying for Mexican interests and in defense of human and labor rights.




Our Voice
Hugo B. Margáin


The oil agenda at the end of the 20th century
Víctor Rodríguez -Padilla and Rosío Vargas

Mexican-American Relations

Mexican foreign policy's new activism in the U.S.
Mónica Verea Campos

Chicana writers:
recovering a female Mexican legacy

Claire Joysmith

American Affairs

After liberalism
Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers

The persistence of Mexico
Mary Schneider Enriquez

The monarch butterfly
in the paintings of Carmen Parra

Fernando Ortiz Monasterio and
Eduardo Matos Moctezuma

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