Voices of Mexico no. 85

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These are times to test President Barack Obama. Several features of his administration suggest a change in the way the U.S. will be implementing its foreign policy. It has been said that a mere change of style in foreign policy is shallow, not a profund transformation; others suggest that Obama's proposed change is only a product of rhetoric and campaign slogans.

However, style and narrative matter, and these can be two significant components that contribute to the long- awaited renovation of U.S. international policy. Thus, to what extent can the new style yield the hoped-for outcomes, namely, a real change in the U.S. image abroad, restored international legitimacy, enhanced soft power, reinforced respect for U.S. hard-power resources and, more importantly, a sustainable strategy that allows smart power to put down roots in the American path for the twenty-first century?





Our Voice
José Luis Valdés-Ugalde


Las Honduras abiertas de América Latina
José Luis Valdés-Ugalde

Electoral Education Programs in Mexico
María Macarita Elizondo Gasperin

Yucatán, Thirty Centuries of History before the Spaniards
Adriana Velázquez Morlet

Colonial History of Yucatán
Sergio Quezada
Silvana Hernández Ortiz

Russia's UN Security Council Agenda
Ana Teresa Gutiérrez del Cid

A Prudent Power? China in the UN Security Council
José Luis León-Manríquez

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