Voices of Mexico no. 89

Our Voice

If human existence can only be understood as a function of the concepts of time and space, the explicit intention of this issue of Voices of Mexico has been to bring together different articles that can relate events or situations whose transcendence have made the difference for the Mexican time of 2010.

A thoughtful review of what we were able to do shows us above all what we were incapable of achieving, but it also puts into perspective reasonable goals for the cycle we are now going through.
In this sense, for those of us who had the privilege of witnessing or even parti­ cipating in the commemorations of the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s 100 years celebrations held throughout 2010, they represented the opportunity to recognize and ratify our institution’s laudable educational mission, framed by its un­ deniable public character and its commitment to the promotion of social justice.






Our Voice
Silvia Nuñez García


Mexico's Futures
The Editors

México 2011. Parlamentarianism Now
Ricardo Becerra

Human Rights Crisis in Mexico
Ruben R. García Clarck

UNAM: A Place of learning, Knowledge, and Culture.
Rector José Narro Robles

The First 100 Years of tue National University
Lourdes M. Chehaibaner Náder

A Comprensive Review of the University Patrimony
María Ascención Moráles Ramírez

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