Voices of Mexico no. 118

Our Voice

In the 1960s, The Band sang about the consequences of war in the previous century: “In the summer of ’65/ We were hungry, just barely alive/ By May 10th Richmond had fell/ It’s a time I remember oh so well/ The night they drove old Dixie down.” And, in his enormously complex way, Bob Dylan interpreted armed clashes as a business, asking the Masters of War, “Let me ask you one question/ Is your money that good?/ Will it buy you forgiveness/ Do you think that it could?/I think you will find/ When your death takes its toll/ All the money you made/ Will never buy back your soul.” And meanwhile, John Lennon exhorted everyone to “Give peace a chance.” This pacifist music was a response to the bellicose winds of the day. More than half a century later, what has changed?



Our Voice

Graciela Martínez-Zalce

Between War and Peace
Santiago Robles

Publishing for Social Change:
Migrant Zines

Astrid Velasco Montante

The Pastry War
Santiago Solís

A History of War and (Peace?) Treaties
Vanessa N. Rico Martínez
Illustrations by Bifo Daniel Alejandro

Eduardo Parra
Illustrations by Amanda Mijangos

Teresa Olmedo

Five Ways Art and War are Related
Dawn Brancati

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