Voices of Mexico no. 119

Our Voice

Inflation is part of our daily lives. It hounds us in public transport and pursues us
at the market, in pharmacies, in the bank. It gives some people insomnia. It’s here,
beleaguering us, just like many of the other effects of the pandemic have had in
our personal lives and our economic and social context. That is why Voices of Mexico is
co-editing this issue with the Institute for Economic Research: to approach the topic
from various perspectives and analyze its very diverse aspects. Our aim is to give our
readers a broad panorama of the situation that plagues not only Mexico and North
America, but the entire world. We need to understand fiscal policies and the risks government
decisions entail; the repercussions for individuals’ nourishment or health care,
and for the families who are impoverished; the way the Russian invasion of Ukraine is
intertwined with scarcity and the high prices of fuel; and why the concept of crisis has
reappeared in our vocabulary hand-in-hand with the economy. We want the university
experts who generate knowledge and return it to society to help us understand so society
can analyze these phenomena from a place of information and not merely suffering.
The cisan offers its heartfelt thanks to the Institute for Economic Research for this
opportunity to collaborate on this effort to analyze a topic that is urgent for society in
this uncertain post-pandemic era.

Graciela Martínez-Zalce
Director of the Center for Research on North America