Voices of Mexico no. 43

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Last January 15, President Clinton gave his State of the Union Address to the 105th Congress of the United States. On a personal level the context was the absolute worst imaginable, though publicly the situation was quite different. Everyone, those actually present at the speech and those watching it on television, was trying to pinpoint the truth about recent developments: in a look, in the tone of voice or in the president's hesitation over words. The crucial thing was to find out if the president had tried to obstruct justice. If he had, private matters would become public. To everyone's surprise —both his supporters and his opponents— the State of the Union Address was a success, particularly if we take into account that the president of the world's foremost power was giving his annual report at the same time that his integrity was being questioned. Despite that, President Clinton was able to show total control as he read a well-written speech.

Clinton described the United States in the new millennium as a land of opportunity where with hard work people could prosper and where everyone would have a college education. He emphasized the need to renew "the idea of America by widening the circle of opportunity and deepening the meaning of our freedom."



United States Affairs

U.S. Trade Policy
At the Second Summit of the Americas

María Cristina Rosas


Gender and Democracy
Gabriela Hierro

Mexicans in the United States
An Incipient Diaspora

Carlos González Gutiérrez


The Francisco Goitia Museum
José Alvaro Ortiz Pesquera


The Tree of Wonders
Edgar Anaya Rodríguez

Canadian Issues

Team Canada in Mexico
Abel Escartín Molina

The Mesoamerican Ball Game
María Teresa Uriarte


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