Voices of Mexico no. 73

Our Voice

These days the predominant note in the international situation is disaster. The natural disasters caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Stan are testing governments’ ability to deal with the consequences. Katrina and the devastation it caused in the southern United States have brought into question the strategy of contention that Washington so fervently boasted of having prepared and the effectiveness of the states in implementing it to deal with natural disasters.

Secondly, this questions states’ political determination to establish a strategy of this type. Thirdly, it forces doubt to the surface about governments’ —mainly the U.S. government— real willingness to take cognizance of global warming, linked to the Kyoto Protocol, which Washington has repeatedly refused to sign over the years. Lastly, given the Homeland Security Department’s failure to respond to the human, economic and social disaster that Katrina represented for the poorest inhabitants of New Orleans, the question arises about whether the very conception of security should not change radically and whether it should not be understood in an integral way, as both a factor in and a means for achieving national sustainability.




Our Voice
José Luis Valdés-Ugalde


The Culture of Discrimination in Mexico
José Luis Gutiérrez Espíndola

North American Issues

NAFTA and Industrial Policy in Mexico
Monica Gambrill Ruppert


The Belisario Domínguez House Museum
Elsie Montiel


Efraín Bartolomé
Poet of Emotion and Intelligence

Juan Domingo Argüelles

A Poem by Efraín Bartolomé

Heart of the Mountain

A Poem by Efraín Bartolomé

María Luisa Puga
Heroine of Writing

Carlos Urrutia

The Possibilities of Hatred
A Chapter from a Novel by María Luisa Puga


Organic Coffee from the Chiapas Highlands
Rubén Vázquez Martínez

In Memoriam

Beatriz de la Fuente

A Lifetime Dedicated to Pre-Hispanic Art
María Teresa Uriarte

Promotor of the Study and Conservation of Pre-Hispanic Murals
Leticia Staines Cicero

The Teacher
Diana Magaloni Kerpel

An Exemplary Life in the University
Alfonso Arellano Hernández

Chiapa de Corzo
A Meeting Place

María del Carmen Valverde Valdés

The Mixe-Zoque Legacy in the Soconusco
Tomás Pérez Suárez

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