Voices of Mexico no. 88

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September seems to have arrived in Mexico more quickly in 2010 than in previous years. Although most of us in Mexico traditionally celebrate el grito or the “cry of independence,” whether by participating in popular verbenas (street festivities), with friends or with family, there were immense expectations throughout the country for this year’s celebrations of two centuries of the country’s independence.

It is clear that despite the increasing violence in our country, Mexicans demons­ trated their patriotism, and were able to put aside their apathy and even their fears. However, the festivities were accompanied by severe criticism of the excessive spending these activities signified. The federal government alone spent 2.9 billion pesos (about 223 million usd dollars), and together with the disorganization and particularly the failure to complete a number of monumental public works designed precisely to enhance the memory of this bicentennial, these elements remain as the evidence of the culmination of another cycle of independence.






Celebrating Mexico’s History
Arturo Cosme Valadez

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