Voices of Mexico no. 48

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California, the world's sixth largest economy, has a very intimate relationship with Mexico for many reasons. We have a common history that took different paths during the last century. As a border state, we share with it both water and general environmental pollution and sizeable trade. Unfortunately for Mexico, the number of our citizens who emigrate to California grows daily. Deaths from abuse and violations of human rights of these immigrants are also on the rise. Although sectors of United States agriculture could not produce without Mexican labor, many U.S. citizens harbor negative feelings about immigrants. The tensest moment in Mexican relations with California came when ex-­governor Wilson promoted Proposition 187 denying social services to the children of undocumented immi­grants. But, challenged in the courts, the measure was found unconstitutional and has not been applied.

Fortunately, Gray Davis was recently elected governor of California, showing the immense political strength of Hispanics, whose electoral support was definitive for his victory. We are finally beginning to see our way clear to a different kind of rela­tionship with Mexico. The first sign was the new governor's immediate visit to Mexico. President Zedillo, responded to the gesture by returning the visit from May 17 to May 19. Both men acted as statesmen, putting misunderstandings behind them and trying to establish a new kind of relationship to benefit both their constituents. There is undoubtedly still an enormous amount left to be done to better relations, but the foundations have been laid and the future looks promising.




Our Voice
Paz Consuelo Márquez Padilla

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