Voices of Mexico no. 33

Our Voice

Our magazine is beginning a new era with greater enthusiasm and broader objectives. The fundamental goal will be to present Mexico's "best voices, " as well as our country 's most beautiful images, for foreing audiences.
Mexico is going through a period of transition towards becoming a better country, and our journal wishes to assist in this process by publicizing the best ideas presently circulating in the media for the consideration of public opinion.
In addition to a cultural section dealing with our greatest artistic splendors, we are publishing innovative articles on the society, economics and politics of the North American region. The goal is to provide the readers with ideas, proposals and creative analyses which stimulate the imagination and assist in thinking constructively about social practices and institutions. This means showing views of Mexico which will help provide our readers, both in Mexico and abroad, with the basis for informed opinion.




Our Voice
Paz Consuelo Márquez Padilla


Challenges of the democratization process
José Woldenberg

Dual nationality
Alonso Gómez-Robledo Verduzco

Mexico City:
growth and development

Francisco Pérez de Salazar V.

Rosalía Santín

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