Voices of Mexico no. 60

Our Voice

Nothing is possible without men,
but nothing lasts without institutions.
JEAN MONNET, 1888-1979

Recently, intense discussions have been taking place in academia —and to a lesser extent also in political circles—in Mexico, Canada and the United States about the North American community. Before centering on how to design concrete political proposals, the debate has first involved, among other issues, the need to define what is understood by “community” and why an initiative of this magnitude should be supported. This is important if we ask ourselves how the integration of a community could be conceived of among three countries that have encountered certain difficulties in defining their bilateral, trilateral and multilateral agendas and priorities. As we have already said in other editorials, Mexico and Canada have put forward some guidelines for beginning the discussion. However, Washington has been unclear about, if not reluctant to accept the feasibility of a community.



History and Ecology of Vanilla
Mariana Hernández Apolinar

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