Voices of Mexico no. 03


This is a key year far Mexican politics, as the upcoming presidential succession will be resolved over the next few months. The process evolves according to precise, specific rules and procedures involving Mexican society as a whole, and has caught the attention of political analysts and commentators the world over.
On this particular occasion, the proceedings will be taking place in the midst of one of the most complex and difficult situations our country has had totace in decades. Caught up in one of the most severe economc crises in our history, faced with the increasing threat of generalized warfare in Central America and subjected to a diversity of international pressures, Mexicans must decide who are the presidential candidates best qualified to guarantee the country's institutional lite, and what's more, the national project we have built throughout our history. Thus, the coming months will be a time of intense political activity in which the country's organized forces will put forth their demands, as well as their alternative options far the Mexico of the future.



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