Voices of Mexico no. 84

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Is North America still profoundly asymmetrical? Is there any intention to upgrade the trilateral associ- ation to a higher level? Does Mexico have the same possibilities as Canada of thinking about a serious relationship with the United States? To what extent is the strengthening/formalization of Mexican-Ca- nadian relations desirable or even feasible? Are the three countries able to pursue a truly trilateral rela- tionship that can overcome the burdens that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has established with the bilateralization of the trilateral arrangement?

The meetings between Obama and Calderon and Obama and Harper contrasted enormously. Cal- derón continued his crusade on the offensive; in fact, reading between the lines, he could even be termed aggressive when demanding immediate answers from Washington without a rational script as a basis. Conversely, during the second meeting, Harper talked to Obama as Americans do, independently of their personal opinions; the Canadian prime minister talked to Obama in the way Americans like the most to be approached by their neighbors and allies: proactively with a common agenda.




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